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WoW did I luck out


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A few weeks back I had all kinds of questions about DMX. As it turns out I had lots of videos on YouTube sent my way and posted on the forum. Matt Johnsons videos were great along with other posted suggestions. I stopped in a local business researching pixels and they gave me a local contacts name which I followed up on. A buddy of mine and I were invited to this guy's shop for a chat. During that chat I told him that I watched Matt Johnson's videos and almost instantly he whips out his cell and showed me that he is a consultant to Matt. I then told him that Richard Holdman was a big influence on my getting started in this hobby and he shows me that he is a consultant for him also. He then proceeds to loan me just about every concieveable pixel made for me to take home and play with. This would have almost certainly never happened had I not asked for help on this forum. If interested in seeing some of his projects just ask and I'll post a couple.

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Don't forget though, there are a lot of great people here that will also go over and beyond if asked. Caniac sent me a pixel test controller to get me started, didn't even ask for S/H. I have had plenty of telephone conversations with several great people. Most of the sequence writers are willing to share as well as I share my sequences.

As far as "it may have never happened", it happens all the time.

Welcome to the hobby/ addiction.


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