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Pixie4 Network Requirements


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I'm looking at adding a few RGB snowflakes next year with around 70-80 pixels on each.  Looking to add 4 in total.  

I read that the Pixie4 will run on the traditional or enhanced LOR network.  I currently use an ELL from my computer outside to eliminate the wire.  If I remember correctly it has limited network speeds, (115K I believe)  Will a Pixie4 work at these speeds properly or will I required a wired network with high speed usb adapter.

Currently the LOR network only has 2 CTB16, the rest is running on LAN based e1.31

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LOR advises being careful not to run too many pixels through ELLs.  It gets real easy to sequence too many commands with pixels.  I suppose you can give it a try and see how it works for your application.

My advice would be to go the enhanced network route using the high speed adaptor.  I've got a Pixie4 running a single-prop with 90 pixels that works just fine in a sparsely populated 115K network.  I tried the same Pixie4 with four 66-pixel props and it choked with anything less than a high speed network.

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Thanks for the response.

The LOR network would have my singing faces on it so any lag would look horrible.  I'll look into a second network or HS network.



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