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Software triggers effects slower when using mac/bootcamp


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so I have been programming and playing on my HP laptop running Windows7 pro and everything is working great, Now I went over t my MacBook pro13" running Windows 10 through bootcamp and I notice certain effects like twinkle or butterfly through SE or PE don't all come on at the same time like they do on my HP

I have programmed for butterfly to bang on at 3 seconds, on my HP they all come on perfect at 3 seconds with no delays but on my MacBook there is some lag when like 4 arches come on and the others trail by a half second

is this a known issue or something people have seen? I can only assume its because I'm running bootcamp and things are a little simulated maybe vs running windows natively on a real pc and not a mac



here are 2 videos, you can see a few seconds in one video triggers all 8 on time yet the other they stagger on using the same effect


on my Mac - 



on my PC - 


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Boot camp is just the drivers so Windows understands what sort of "PC" you're running.  There's no simulation or VM under MacOS like running Parallels or VMware.  Boot Camp makes it a real PC booting Windows from a separate WIN volume.   PC mag even reviews Macs as regular PCs when running windows as the intel chip/set is pretty much in the same ballpark w/BC as the start up.  In my case I'm running Parallels 12 as a VM on a 4 year old mini with Win 7 and not having any lag issues.  My Dev machine is a 3 year old MacBook Pro running Parallels 11.

Your set ups are not exactly the same so there is a lot to poke through.  I'd suggest setting up a Boot Camp volume running Win 7 on the Mac.  Windows 10 seems to be getting mixed results with LOR from all that I've read so thats why I went w/ 7 instead of 10 this year when my 11 year old Mini died running Boot Camp and XP.

Long shot is make sure you have the latest drivers for Boot Camp and w10 along with the latest serial/USB drivers from LOR.  I know I needed a fresh LOR serial driver download this year.

Mac / LOR users unite!!  :-)



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I noticed in network settings after i setup the new pc that my settings on my macbook were on 115k, moving it to 500 seemed to help. I have the red usb adapter from LOR a i guess it can handle it. not sure what the setting really "should be" for that adapter

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