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Change colors of fade and chases after the fact in SE?


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I have a few simple questions I think that i cannot figure out in SE

1. If i drag across 5 seconds of a song for a channel and hit fade out it does a white on to fade obviously, or i set the color and then fade and it does that color fade but once set how can i change the color again without having to redo all my fade?

2. I setup a chase scene on channel 1 for arch 1 in green as you can see below, now i want it red instead, is there anyway of doing this? 

I seem to be having issues changing colors after the fact

thanks for any help guys!


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I watched a tutorial on youtube, and I thought you could just drag along and change the color. Note I have not tried what I watched was just getting some knowledge.

If you saved the sequence you can always do what I do. Make a test folder and copy seq to it and experiment with it.

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53 minutes ago, brichi said:

you can drag to change colors but then its solid again, takes away the "fade out"

Is there a "change effects type" selection if you right click on the area you wish to change? Im going off the top of my head but that's an option in SE

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