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Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

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On 12/29/2016 at 5:22 PM, PKingRoch said:

I have a CCR strip that is having an issue with Pixel #1's Red LED.  It's a little flakey and red doesn't always work, but it you press around on the area of the flex circuit items (traces, LEDs elements, etc), it will turn on and function.  Green and Blue work without an issue.  All other pixels work as expected.

I'd like to repair the strip or have it repaired as the cost of a replacement strip is pretty high.  What should I be looking for?  The section contains resistors, diodes, capacitors and an IC.  There has to be a bad trace in there somewhere.


Paul King

Sorry, we didn't catch this in December when you posted it.

Please PM me your Ticket Number where you asked about the repair/replacement so I can take a look at what happened.  CCRs have a 2 year warranty, and we will stand by that.  

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Thanks for sending me the ticket number by PM.

I did take a look at the ticket and see where you let us know that the ribbon was out of warranty when you opened it. 

The regular cost of a replacement ribbon is $169.95.  However as a courtesy we offered one to you for $99 + shipping (which we also discounted), giving you a 40%+ discount, and you accepted.

It looks like despite the comments from others on this thread that we did in fact offer a substantial discount on the replacement.  If however you are now having second thoughts about the replacement cost, please let us know in that ticket.  As long as the replacement is in new unused condition, we will be happy to accept the return of it and refund your repair cost.

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Thanks Mike.  I think I'm all set.  I'm happy to have the replacement and someone else here gave me a segment to try to repair this myself.

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I found 6803 chip ribbons work as a replacement for the original CCR ribbons.   I never found one that matched the RGB color order...……...so I had to do this.  

  I don't know what this does to the macro channels. 

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