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Is LOR experiencing Email problems?


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I posted this over on the PC forum and it probably more apppropriately belongs here. I was in contact with Dan almost a month ago and he asked me to get back in touch with him in about a week. A week later I sent an email to info@lightorama.com and never received a response. A week after that, and a week after that, I sent more emails with no responses. Some of the PC forum members have not heard from LOR via their email requests either, while others received responses within an hour.

I would like to hear back from Dan (maybe he is on vacation or just out of the office these past few weeks?) about some things we have talked about. Also, some sales questions I have with regards to heatsinks.

So I guess my question to LOR is, are you having any email problems that you are aware of (or not aware of)?


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We have had email problems but with respect to your email, that is completely my fault. I had set aside your emails more than once because I wanted to get something done before I responded and I never got back to you. No good excuse. I will be in touch on Monday. Sorry for the lack of response.


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