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don mcabee

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I have basic edition that came with the package that I bought this year. How many controllers will it support? I have 2 controllers now, 32 channels and it does great, but I think I read somewhere that it would not support 3 or more. I just bought 2 more controllers for 2017 and need to know if I should buy a better grade software. Also I want to dedicate my old laptop to my show next year and need to know how to transfer my software to it. Thanks Don

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As far as transferring the software.

Assuming you are going to use the computer to run the show and connect a USB adapter you will want to install the FTDI Drivers before attaching the adapter.

Install the LOR software

Bring up the Sequence Editor and install your license.  It is the same one as you used for the original install.

At some point it will run a program that will ask you where you want to store your LOR files.  Create a directory structure that matches exactly the one you use on your present machine.  If you create the structure identical to the one you currently use you encounter less issues later with any show files you might have created.

Copy over the contents of the folders below your existing Light-O-Rama directory.  Assuming you accepted the defaults at installation you will find folders named Audio, Clipboards, DimmingCurves,etc.  The most likely candidates that would contain content you would want to copy are: Audio, Clipboards (assuming you created your own Clipboards), Sequences and Visualizations (assuming you created Visualizer props, fixtures etc).  If you created things with the Pixel Editor or Superstar you would want to copy the folders with those names as well.

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1 hour ago, don mcabee said:

thanks, I guess it's time to go pro. 

Yep.  Common advice from those of us that have been using the software for a while:  go for the highest level.  Even if you don't "NEED" it now - you will one of these days.  Once you use some of the more advanced features, you won't want to do without some of them.  In my case, I went straight to Advanced level (when that was the highest), and was one of the people that upgraded to Pro in the first hour after it was released.


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