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CTB16 failure ?, no lights


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I had one controller just bellyup - It is one of 4, and after working fine, it is now not working at all. No LED status light, but the power and fuses are good - I fear the motherboard may have a failed component. Is there anything to do other than open a trouble ticket and ship it back for repair ?

This unit had been in operation for about 4 seasons, and is the one that often gets some GFCI interruption due to the moisture level of the circuits is handles.  I may have to swap another unit into place for this failed unit to balance the show as best I can with a fewer number of controllers.

I have unplugged and restarted the unit - but never get the LED light on the board to light. I just pulled both fuses and fine they are both good.

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So when you say, checked fuses. Is this a visual check or checked with a meter?

If you think it's caused from moisture, I would highly suggest narrowing it down to the problem before hooking up another controller and possibly causing problems with that one. Perhaps plugging the suspected lights into a house outlet to see what, if any lights cause the GFCI to trip.

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I checked the fuse with a ohm meter - but I have now found the problem. This unit was plugged into two GFI outlets and they apparently were not providing power, even though the GFI light was green... A couple of resets on the GFI outlets restored power and the unit LED light again shines...

I had actually switched controllers and in moving the "known good" unit there - I found the power problem. Guess I should be using a plug meter next time to doublecheck the idiot light is not just joking.

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