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Move a complet row with one click???


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I have been working on and off with one sequence off an on now for a few months and dicovered there are a few hundred mistakes that can easielly be solved by moving the row one to 2 timings to the right or left.

Is there a way of doing this without doing a cut and paste for each mistake?

I am Using 4.2.12

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You didn't specify which software, but I assume it was Sequence Editor.  Not quite one click, but only a few.

Assuming you want to move the entire row two timings to the right for this example.  Select the first timing on the row in question.  Right click to bring up the menu.  About halfway down is "Select Row".  Select that.  Then type <CTRL> X to cut the entire row of data.  Move two timing boxes to the right, and type <CTRL> V to paste the row..  Done

If you want to do the same thing for several adjacent rows, the copy is slightly different.  Select the upper left timing box of the rows that you want to move.  Press and hold the SHIFT key.  Press the END key.  Use the arrow keys to move down so you are now selected however many rows you want.  Now you can release the SHIFT key.  Then use <CTRL> X, move as required and <CTRL> Y as above.


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Well I guess I should have mentioned SE.  Thanks for your help It looks like I might get my first sequence done today. Tomorrow its on to all 64.  Thanks again...


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