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Help Please !


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Hello fellow LOR family !

I need your help.

I had the Demo version of LOR1 installed on my computer.

I un-installed the demo version so that I could install the full version of LOR1.

After I installed the full version, I could not find the Sequence and Audio folders.

I looked in c:program files lightorama and the two folders were not there.

I then looked in My Documents thinking that they might be there, but I couldn't find them there either.

Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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cmoore60 wrote:


What operating system? If it is Vista, I believe your data files will be under /my documents/light o rama or something like that.



Wow, what a thread! Everyone had different, workable answers!

Although Chuck, I think the demo will not work on Vista, unless Dan fixed it already...
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