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Parade Float Display

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I teamed up with my Father-In-Law and I lighted up his Landscape trailer for his construction company in the Westwood NJ Home for the Holidays Parade.  I used about 3,000 lights and 1 controller, I probably could've used 2 and had 8 songs programmed....but 1st time doing this.  I have a about a minute video going around the trailer....Didn't really have a good one of it actually in motion unless you wanted to get sea sick lol.  We did learn it needs to higher and bigger, but we were bright and had 2 Speakers also that I borrowed from a DJ -- so we were loud.  On the float was Mrs. Claus and a small workbench that had the grandkids, nieces, nephews in Elves costumes working away.  The video is Hot Chocolate by Tom Hanks from the Polar Express


Parade 1.jpg

Parade 2.jpg

Parade 4.jpg

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