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D-Light Controller Problem


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So I got my D-Light controller to work for the most part using the other posts on this forum. I am still running into a few issues. So I have a set of 15 little trees in a row that are each on their own channel. I have been testing this sequence, I attached an image for reference. The first part is 50%-25% waves then moves onto 100%-50% waves. When it transitions to the higher range the controller seems to get confused and suddenly sets of trees are ramping up and down randomly. I have the controller on firmware 1.16 but I have seen forum users say to use it in DMX mode. Basically I am wondering how do I get the controller into DMX mode? Or am I missing a step here because the controller and software seem to operate alright but whenever I have a more active scene the controller doesn't want to cooperate.

Any help or tips would be appreciated.

Test Sequence.PNG

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