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3 Pixels stuck on again but won't fix this time

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I have had this happen before and was able to fix by cutting out the bad section and replacing it with a new one from a spare CCR I have

This time it won't work. I originally tried to cut out the one section of 3 stuck pixels and replace it, didn't work. So I then cut out the 3 pixels before and after

the bad section and put in a 9 pixel replacement, still doesn't work.

The strip was at least working before with the 3 pixels stuck on but now the lights will only work up to the point of repair and then won't work after it.

In fact the section after the repaired spot now stays on like the 3 original stuck pixels did while the bottom half up to the spot of repair works fine.

I have repaired these before. I have tried 2 different types of connectors I purchased and then resorted to old fashioned soldering but it still won't work.

I don't understand. I thought these CCR's can be cut at any of those cut points and then re-connected for going around windows or using different  lengths.

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


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I had one more question on this.

The strip that had the stuck pixels was a newer strip. The section I tried to replace was from an older strip. (the difference being the older strip has the 4 wires coming from it that are all separate and held together about every 6" with a band around it. The newer strip has the 4 wires all attached to each other as one piece. Although the actual strip itself seems identical maybe there is a difference in them? I was trying to fix the newer strip with a section taken from my older strip. Do you think that is the issue in trying to repair this?


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