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1 of 4 Controller Issue


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HI All,

I am in my third year and first time with issues, though I have played it safe the first two. I have expanded to 4 controllers 16 channels per using the residential 16 controller. Friday I started up the system and found that Controller 1 is not transmitting on channels 1-8. At first I thought I say 5-8 transmit at very limited brightness. All other channels on controllers 2& 3 are functioning. Controller 4 has no sequences connected to it yet. (Looking for 64 channel sequences alredy built.

Can someone please assist me?


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2 minutes ago, BCBjorklund said:

Thanks , all it gives is  "15 amp, fast acting ceramic"  is there a dimension size and Type ?

Look for microwave fuses at your favorite hardware store.

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5 minutes ago, BCBjorklund said:

There is a plastic cover over the fuse, do I just pull it off, like the fuse?

Yes, just pull the plastic cover from the fuse.  

If you have a multi-meter test the fuse to see if it is open.  If you don't have one you could test it by removing the fuse on the right side, putting the one from the left side in its place and seeing if the board will power up.  The logic portion of the board gets its power from the right side.

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