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Question for S2 users


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I remained with LOR1 this past year because LORII was so new that I was concerned that I would probably be the one to find a major bug.

Now that everyone made it through last season, how did things go with LORII?

I know that the software is good. I feel that it is now time for me to begin the upgrade and learn the new version.

Any comments?

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Thanks for the advice. I was almost ready to go last year when Dan came out with the software. I had fourteen sequences done and was afraid to risk the proverbial "bug" that was sure to find me.

I appreciate the update. I took a couple of months off, got burned out due to overwhelming traffic, etc. last season.

We had to hire off duty police officers to control the traffic. Probably will have to move the display this year since it has grown to the level it has.

Just didn't want to add more problems at this time!


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There is another thread where a number of people reported their LOR II experience and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

I noticed your avatar... Are you related to adminstrator Bob? ;)


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