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Newbie -- Any 16 ch sequences appreciated


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Just starting out -- gear to arrive in 3 days. I know I'm cutting things fine. But, I live on the edge.

I've downloaded a couple of 16 channel sequences and adapted them to my lights mappings.

Also working on my own sequence, but doubt how far I'll get, but ya never know.

I'm starting small, with a 16 channel set up and would appreciate any sequences that anyone would care to share.

Thanks heaps.






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Hi Kirk,

Sent. You probably should say you're living on the monsoon edge with all the rain we are getting. :( I'm surprised that our house hasn't floated from Vancouver, BC to Seattle yet. lol. Also, look up at the admin postings, the 5th one down says "FREE and fee based sequences", Click on that, then click on the "Free Sequences" link from there.


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