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USB Driver Problem


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OK, so I have built several LOR machines in the past few years. No problems. This latest laptop is to be my more permanent show and test machine, is giving me an error trying to install the VCP USB driver.

It reads the directory OK, then comes back that it did not install and give me this message:

The Service Data Base is Locked

Can't say I have seen that one before. Although this is my first AMD machine trying to run LOR. The machine is an HP Pavillion ze4145. Windows XP Pro, Sp2. Any ideas?

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I did a Google search of that error message it can be caused by a service that is set to automatic startup that does not actually startup correctly. Try going to your services (Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services) and see if there is one listed as Starting under the status tab. If there is, that may be causing the problem. Apparently until all automatic services start, the database remains locked.

Microsoft's answer was not too useful:
Wait a few minutes, then try the operation again.

Hopefully this helps.


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Thanks! You at least put me on the right track. Turns out the 'Workstation' service was disabled. Once I set that to auto, it took.


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