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Please help me with dmx install

Laser Voodoo

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Hello i cant seem to get my IDMX1000 working. I did the upgrade  , i got the pro version upgrade if that changes anything . 

I got all the firmware downloaded for IDMX1000 . actually there is several listed for it.

In the preferences its set to basic dmx since i will only be using this to trigger snow machines this year.

The IDMX1000 is powered by12v adaperter but  Its also plugged/daisy chained from the serial port of the 15ch LOR box. Here is the daisy chain.

Computer - 15CH LOR box- IDMX1000- snow machine.

I will eventually need to run dmx and LOR off my G3-mp3 . will this Combo work with IDMX1000  ?

As far as the software goes , it seams like its in the somewhere, but its not executing anything dmx. Hmm i dont know....... Please help meeeeeeee.

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Do you mean a CMB16 110v controller? In the sequence editor under preferences is allow DMX editing enabled? You sometimes have to select it twice and then restart LOR for the change to take effect. From the computer to the first box how are you connected? Dongle, interface, RG485 adapter? Sorry if I am asking more questions than answering but it's info that is needed for answers.


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I'm not an IDMX expert, but I just did a quick look at the manual for it.  A couple things I see to take a look at.

The factory default unit for the IDMX is E0.  Have you used the Hardware Utility to change the Unit ID for the IDMX, and have you sequenced the Snow machine control with either that default Unit ID or whatever Unit ID you changed it to?  Do you have the Max Unit ID in the Hardware Utility set high enough to see that Unit ID?

The other thing I noticed is that the IDMX will only support up to 115K network speed and will not handle an enhanced network.  Is your LOR network in compliance with those requirements?

To eliminate a possible cable or connector issue, first of all, can you see the IDMX from the hardware Utility?  If no, can you see your 16 channel LOR controller from the Hardware Utility?  If yes to the second one, can you plug the IDMX into the cable that normally connects to the first controller (from your computer), and see if you can see the IDMX?

BTW, just a suggestion.  You have your location listed as California.  That narrows it down to almost 800 miles.  Knowing where you are can help others that might be close enough to come over to help, or for other nearby LOR users who may want to come visit your show (I did that yesterday when I spotted a person who had a city 10 miles from me - sent him a PM to get his address and give him mine).

That's enough for now...


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Sorry I didn't notice you had replied to my questions on the other thread on this topic.

I'd like to better understand the network you say you are using presently.  Your description is:

Computer -->  15CH LOR Box --> IDMX 1000 --> Snow Machine

I'm specifically interested in the model information for the 15CH LOR Box.  What is this device?  I'm not finding any documentation on a 15 channel LOR device.

Additionally is there a device between the computer and the 15CH LOR Box?  Either a Serial or USB LOR Adapter? 

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