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Updating aa Show While it runs.....


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Anyone tried adding a song to an existing show in the Show Editor WHILE IT IS PLAYING that show?

Mine is running right now and I am afraid to try it for fear of blowing something up (and there are a couple cars parked out there watching it!).

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However, if you want to play with moving songs and announcements around using the Show Editor, you can do so with impunity as long as you don't touch the save button.  That's the specific act that triggers the Show Player to reset the show.

When I'm inserting a song I'll either wait until the show is playing the last sequence in the current rotation to save the change, or else I'll move things so that when the show resets the "top" is actually what would have been the next song in the list.

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One change you can do while the show is playing.  If you are running your shows from Intensity files, you CAN update the intensity file provided that sequence is not running at the time.

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