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Can't find files


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I use one PC to edit files, and another to run the show.

After modifying some sequences, I copied them to the show machine.

Now the verifier says it can't find the sequences.  The file structure on the edit machine is not the same as on the show machine.

The recommendation was to uninstall and re install LOR.  Using ver. 3.9

Is there a way to change where the software looks for the sequences?



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The first step would be to get the file structure EXACTLY the same on every computer you use. That will solve most of your problems. This is what I do (and I use four computers with three different operating systems to varying degree):

Each computer has a mapped network drive of L: The LOR files all point to L: In the case of the show computer and my primary sequencing computer, the mapped network drive really is a networked drive on my server. For the laptop and the old computer at work (which I don't normally sequence on, but only test things occasionally to make sure they work right on XP), the mapped L: drive is really just some folder on the C: drive. This solves the issue that the various operating systems have files in different places.

As for your original request. Look in the directory where LOR installed for a program called LORPost.exe and run it. That will ask you where the files are yo be stored - same as it did when you first installed the LOR software (and in some cases when you upgrade).

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