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Someone has offered some D-Lights controllers to me and I am wondering if LOR supports these controllers?


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As I was typing my response (and my first post to this forum, though many of my previous PC posts migrated over here in the move), the posts that prompted me to reply were removed. To bad that the seller backed out of the deal. :{ Here's my original response:

Hmmmm. What just happened here is the very reason that I have previously refrained from asking such questions here or over at PC. However, recent correspondence with Dan has clarified this issue for me and put to rest my fears that such questions are unwelcome here. I could paraphrase our PM discussion, but I think that Dan has clarified the issue with his post at http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum72/16331.html

LightORamaDan wrote:

We have not decided how we will implement the new features. No matter what way we go, if you have a card that works with the LOR protocol today, that card will work on the LOR network in the future. We will of course make required firmware changes for cards made by LOR and we will make changes for cards made by other vendors who have copied the LOR protocol.

To paraphrase, if you have D-Light controllers, they use the current LOR protocol. If it becomes necessary to modify the LOR protocol, LOR will issue firmware changes for all controllers using the current protocol, including D-Light. Dan also assures me that this means full functionality will also be retained. I will admit that I was confused while reading the LOR2 Help documents, but suffice it to say, all effects will continue to work with S2 (fade, twinkle, shimmer, etc.).

Personally, I consider a this great customer service decision. There are many folks who are users of both company's products, and to render a portion of their displays inoperable would be sad situation at the holidays. No doubt this was a decision that was not made lightly by LOR, as to take this path requires additional expense on their part. I commend LOR for choosing to support all their customers.


P.S.: If such a technical question arises in the future, I will try my best to confine my response to objectively answering the question. And I repectfully request that others respond in kind. See my signature below...
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There was a little mess in this thread that I was trying to clean up. I deleted the wrong thing and then just ended up deleting everything... Got side tracked and during that time, Tony posted. Will just close this thread because the question has been answered.

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(Dan puts on his business owner's hat)

One thing I would like to add about LOR supporting D-Light cards.... I believe there are some good reasons you should NOT run out and purchase D-Light cards (unless you get a great deal like Gilbert saw:)).

You save with LOR! But beyond our lower prices, the Light-O-Rama PC series gives you better value! Little things like: thicker PCBs, fuse covers, pre-installed high power heatsinks, Complete kits that even include solder and heatsink compound, starter packages where you effectively get the adapter and cables for free, etc....You only get those things at LOR and those little things all add up to a BIG DEAL! This outstanding value/price ratio extends to our ShowTime series as well... The ShowTime series of controllers costs more than the PC series but you get more! Because of our high volume and minimal overhead we can give you more for your money.

Take a look: Currently D-Light has their Platinum Plus Edition on sale for $254.99 Big Deal! The LOR equivalent: "CTB16PC ReadyToGo has a regular price of only $249.95 ... LOR's regular price is $20 less than D-Light's regular price and $5 less than D-Light's sale price!!! When the Light-O-Rama ReadyToGo was recently on sale it was only $219.95 ... The LOR sale price was $35 less then D-Light's sale price. Compare quality, compare reliability, compare prices.

WAY Better Software!... Better Products!... Better Prices!... Light-O-Rama!

I realize that most people in this forum are LOR users so this post is not really necessary but I thought that I would have a bit of fun. ;)

Dan Baldwin
Light-O-Rama, Inc.

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