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CCR's partially working

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Long winded but diagnosed as well as possible

Have 2 CCR arches and 3 -16 channel controllers. 3 controllers seem to behave properly. Both CCR's nothing. Exact same setup as last year. Have 5 extra CCR systems not in use yet.

Swapped all items out, CCR controllers, net cable, power supplies, and ribbons. Same results on show computer and programming computer both of which have same sequence that worked last year. Did not copy sequences at all this year.

3 CCR controllers produce no lights on ribbons, 4 CCR controllers produce lights on only 1/2 of the ribbon.

All controllers/CCR reset/test fine.

Only thing not swapped out is USB485B, but again `6 channel controllers work fine.

Thoughts or suggestions appreciated.


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Did you happen to upgrade your license or are you using pixel editor to sequence this year?  If so you may need to update the firmware on your CCRs and ensure CCRs are set up as enhanced.  If you plan to run enhanced 500k you will also need a high speed USB adaptor (little red one).  Not sure what generation your controllers are however older models may not run with an enhanced network.  Looks like you are adding some CCRs so it may be best to separate your pixels to a dedicated network anyway. 

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