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I like how the SuperStar can do instant sequences to help you out doing light show. My Question is I do not have any RGB or CCR's yet so I am wondering if I have 32 channels controller do I only need to purchase the basic 2 CCR license? Also I am getting a error when opening up my background setup "The Maximum number of Fixtures with Duplicate Channel assignments has been exceeded", is that because its the demo version.

I do have the Advance license for the S4 Software Suite.



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Yes, you only need to purchase the 2 CCR license. The 2 CCR license will export up to 300 channels.

The error you are getting is because your visualization has more than 8 fixtures that have the same unit ID. The error is not happening because you have the demo version. But I believe the rest of the visualization will work. It is just that only the first 8 fixtures with the same unit ID will appear in superstar.

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