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HELP, Nobody's working till Monday !!

Al Dube

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Hey Guys,

I have a serious problem, First the system..  Running XP, (don't judge I like it) have S4 software, using a HC Alpha Pix 12 to control a 12 line Pixel tree, Universes 2 thru 13, also have another DMX Universe # 1 with a HC 27 channel DMX controller. Now the issues, The LOR network works fine, have 15 controllers working great, the Alpha Pix will work in the Pixel Editor but not in combination with the Sequence Editor or as a show, and last but not least, the # 1 universe which works thru a Enttec Pro adapter will not work at all and did last year with same computer and equipment..  SO>>>......  Help....... please !!!!  


Have sent an e-mail to HC but no response so far, I hope that's because of the Holiday....  Therefore as of 18:08 Today, my show is not running...


Any help will be appreciated..

Thanks,  Al

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Do you mean and Alphapix (16)?  I have 2 of them and run several of the 27 channel controllers / DMX universes off of them.  Why would you be using a USB Enttec adapter? On a side note make sure you have the correct starting DMX address on the controller using the dip switches.  Using the pixel controller in the hardware utility will turn on ALL channels in the universe you are testing.  So you won't know exactly where the ACTUAL starting channel is.  So double check the dip switches.  

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Hey B,

I understand the concept of running the 27 channel controllers off of the Alphapix but how do you address them, as a different universe or what, not sure how that would work...

Thanks Al

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Log into the Alphapix UI.  Underneath  the "pixel output configuration"  there is another section to  give options to set the DMX universes.  So... Yes.  You need to set its own universe #.  Make sure you check off the box to enable the output your going to use.  Remember to save your settings... Then with the 27 channel DMX controller set your universe channel starting # with the dip switches. Since the DMX outputs on the Alphapix controller don't have an RS-485 jack you'll need to cut an end off a Cat5 cable and  you'll only need the solid orange and the striped orange.  Cut off the others.  As your facing the controller's DMX output (whichever one your going to use) there are 3 insets on the DMX output.  Starting on the left 1, 2, 3.  the 'stripe orange >3  and the 'solid orange >2. 

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