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Friend's PC died... was able to mount old hard drive on my PC but can't run Light-O-Rama


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The software application was created on a C drive probably from a CD ROM (I presume). Originally I though maybe I'd get lucky and be able to change a few references from C: to D:... but no luck .

My thought now is to re-install Light-O-Rama on my C drive and then manually move all their file directories over (all their old data). Will this work? If so, what directories need to move? It seems I can mimic the old file structure.


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Assuming the original install did not manipulate the "data" directory structure I suggest this.

Find the directory structure that contains the sequence, show etc directories.  On my machines they are subordinate to a folder named Light-O-Rama.  Some of the folders that will indicate you are in the correct location would be Audio, Clipboards, Sequences, Visualizations (not a complete list).  To confirm you are in the right location you should find .lms files in the Sequences folder.  Reconstruct the same directory structure on the new machine, copy the folders, when you first bring up the LOR tools tell it the location of the folders and you should be good to go.

Clear as mud?

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