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Here's a video question- this year I am using 4 videos incorporated into different sequences. Between each video is just a regular sequence. I figured out that I needed to uncheck "use internal media" to get the video to actually play on the projector but now when the sequence with the projection starts I get the white screen for a second followed by the video catching up. In the show editor I have the "turn lights off" box checked as well as a 1 sec delay between sequences but my yard signs and projector power run "background" the whole show so it's nothing with it being turned on. Any idea why the glitch of signal loss between the sequence when it's not used and the one it is. Also all of my non video sequences do reference a black background video so each sequence references a video file. I believe I read somewhere previously that would need to be the case. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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