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LOR controller channel decoder issue


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Greetings, All!  And happy holidays!

Last year was my first experience with LOR.  I purchased a CTB16PC controller unit and the Advanced software suite, and generated a very nice show connecting to just LED light strings.  Things went so well that I purchased three additional CTB16PC controllers during the spring clearance sale, and this year, I've started expanding my display incrementally, adding one of the new controllers to the mix.

However, in testing the display last night, I found something odd...  My older controller (ID: 1) is responding to light commands on one channel that are directed to my new controller (ID: 2).  Even more confounding, the old controller is responding on channel 10 to commands sent to controller 2 on channel 16.  The new controller is responding as it should.  I've checked, and double-checked, the sequences to ensure that I didn't do something stupid (like rename one of my controller channels to actually be on controller 2), and I've also noticed that the problem appears to be intermittent.  That is, it only gets 'confused' when the scheduler starts a new show, and then it will respond either correctly - or incorrectly - until that show is shut-down.

I suspect the issue is internal to controller 1, and I'm contemplating replacing it with one of my unused controllers to verify that.

My question is: Has anyone else seen this type of problem, and is it related to the controller, or something else?

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The issue wouldn't be internal to the controller as the controller only does what SE tells it to do. Double check your channel configuration, right click on a channel in SE and verify the "Unit" and "Circuit". Also look very closely at your sequencing as you may have something on that should be off.

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Cant say that is impossible.  My guess is there is a mistake in your config file.   Sometimes a power cord laying next to a Cat5 will introduce unwanted signal.   

If you want to post or send your config file I will look at it for you. 

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Okay. I think I found it, thanks to these suggestions...

Opening the configuration XML file with notepad, the channel that is misbehaving is incorrectly classified as 'deviceTyle="BSoft Digital IO"', whereas all the other channels are 'deviceTyle="LOR"'. Not sure how that happened, and - interestingly - the Animation display in the Sequence Editor doesn't give me any indication that the channel is of a different type.

I'll update the config file and try that!

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