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Is there an easy way to clear a saved schedule completely?  Or, do I have to delete each show manually?

The reason I ask... I'm having an inexplicable issue with the scheduler this week.  I'm trying to set-up a schedule where one show is active through Thursday morning (Thanksgving), then another show beginning Thursday night.  I've tried both the calendar and the weekly scheduler options, but eventually, I run into a situation where - when I'm trying to add a show, the scheduler refuses to add the show because "The end time conflicts with another show", even though there is nothing scheduled on either calendar at that time. Confounding the situation, the scheduler won't tell me what show it thinks is conflicting, and a search of both scheduler windows doesn't indicate any conflicting shows.  It simply doesn't add the show, and returns me to the scheduler window with nothing scheduled in that time slot.

I suspect the issue is caused by an artifact from last year's schedule - I had a one-minute countdown to midnight setup to play on December 31, 2015, and the issue I'm seeing caused when I try to schedule a show on Thursday evening that ends at midnight.  However, looking back through the calendar shows nothing on that date. I've worked around the issue by scheduling the show I want to play, but scheduling the end time to be one minute before the time when I really want it to shut down, but that leaves a one-minute gap with nothing playing.

Any tips or pointers would be very much appreciated!

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