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Pigtails or extension connectors for Pixie16


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Received my Pixie16. I am looking for an extension cable or one that I can make myself to make the run from the enclosure to the strand of pixels. I like the connections that everything came with but cannot find them to purchase. Does anyone know where to find extension cables or the connectors and wire that I can make my own?

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Pigtail Connectors for LOR Pixie16 resized.jpg

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Wtih 25ft distance between my pixel controller and display element, I made an extension cable using 16/3 extension cords.  Just cut off the female/male plugs added soldered on male or female pigtails. I have screw together pigtails on both ends of the exytension cable so I can disconnect and roll up for storage.  For a 125 pixel wreath, I  also use the 16/3 cord for power injection.  But really no noticiable performance in the pixels unless all 125 bulbs are on at full white. 

Have been using a HDX brand 16/3 extensiion cord from Homedepot...$11.  Since I'm adding a number of pixel elements down the road, looked into just buy a large roll of 16/3 cable but buying the abgove 50ft cords was a cheaper option and can buy them as needed.

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