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how to fix timing

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Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah-Mormon Tabernacle Choir  This amazon music is off by about 3 seconds.  I was wondering if anyone else ran into this and had a solution (easy solution) to fix.  I thought about trying to use Audacity to import the song and just add 3 seconds to the beginning.  I purchased the "ready to go" so I can not take out the 3 seconds from the sequence, I have to adjust the Song MP3.  It was from last year, the LOR sequence website, including where to get the music downloaded from AMAZON with the correct total time. 

Any Ideas?  Thanks


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Don't change the song. Open your sequence in sequence editor under edit you will find a tool called skew track, from there you can adjust your sequence to match the music. Provided the music has not been edited in any way through the middle of the song. Most recording labels will take any song and make slight modifications to it throughout the years. I found out the hard way once that there was at least 6 slight variations to the Carpenters sleigh ride. I'm now finding it a lot easier to just sequence my own stuff so it matches my display.

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I'm not familiar with a ready to go sequence is, that a protected sequence? You can try to use the skew track it will tell you if you can do it or not. If it doesn't work you will need to use audacity to modify the MP3 or you can contact LOR to find the correct track. Personally I would call LOR after all they took your money.

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