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Pasting Different Time Scales

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I had built a sequence for a song that for some reason I have a really screwy time scale to. This year I am adding some singing Christmas trees and have bought a sequence that has a standard fix time scale. Is there any way to easily merge these two? No matter what I seem to try either it throws off the existing sequence timing or it throws the singing face off.

Thanks for the help.

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When pasting from one sequence to another you have to be using the exact same song on both sequences, check the total length of each sequence. When you paste you will "paste by time" and not "paste by cell". This way it doesn't matter what the timings are on either sequence. If you use a different song or if one was altered or a different artist they will never match up.

Most places that sell sequences will tell you which song and artist they used or provide a link to the music.

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