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Animated Merry Christmas Sign


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I finally got my instructions for making an Animated Merry Christmas sign to the point where I felt I could post a link in case someone might like to make one.



I made the sign this past January using ropelight I purchased at the after-Christmas sales. Its dimentions are 3' tall and 17.5' wide. Any comments are welcome.

The inspiration for the sign was found while surfing the web a few months ago. That link is: http://www.christmasinkent.com/HowToMCsign.htm


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I agree, a very nice job Tom!

Hopefully this season I will get a chance to drive over and see your display!


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Guest wbottomley

Tom... fine work!

I saw the one on christmasinkent website and decided to build one myself during last season. Those things are spectacular might I add. ;)

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Very Nice,

Thanks for sharing. That pdf. of the individual letters will save me a ton of work. Without any modifications it just so happens to fit perfectly on the front of my garage. :)


Rick Ouellet

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