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One More Newbie Question


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Thank you all so much for your help with sequencing....

2 questions---


1. I have 6 songs that when I try to put in my show on the Simple Show Builder, It will not add them.. it says there is nothing there.. but I can see it.. so I know it is.. any ideas on how to fix it?? If not I will leave these songs out...


2. I have a Showtime Controller,,, What kind of external speaker will I need so people walking by can hear the music???

It's almost GO time... I'm so very excited.. Congrats to everyone who is ready to go and your displays will bring a smile to the face of so many people!!

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Hardware Utility is much easier for us newbies to use.

right click on the LOR icon on desktop

open HU

select MP3

add sequence at bottom right side and add your sequences

then create shiw

save to ad card


as far as your speaker, any amplified speaker can be connected. I used a radio with aux connection just plug it in to the headphone jack on the director

Bedt if luck



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My first year I used a set of computer speakers and just ran them out the front door.  It worked good.  Next year, try to get a good FM transmitter--they are a game changer.

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