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2 E1.31 Devices in LOR

Brian Rees

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I need help with setting up a E6804 Controller with LOR.

I am fairly new with DMX.  

I have Universe 1 connected to a E682 Controller.  I tested that and its working as expected. ( I only tested 1 strip)

I am now attempting to setup Universe 2 with a E6804 controller. I am able to test it using the browser. I have it set as UniCast with the correct IP.   The Network Configuration looks correct.

 I created my Device to use DMX; Universe 2.  512 channels.  

When I tested LOR, the strip did not turn on.

Any ideas what I might be missing setting up a second Universe with a second controller?



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Did you put the address for the E6804 in network Preferances .  How many universes do you have assigned to the E682

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Lets see if these screen captures help.  The first is the DMX tab in Network Preferences.  You can see that there are three different SanDevices cards involved.


This next one is when I clicked on one of the universes.

Does this help?


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I have 1 universe set to the E682.  (Only tested 1 strip)  

I only see 1 image JIm.  But it does help.

I'll test some more this evening!  Thanks!


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Yea, I'm only seeing one from my phone too. I'll check on that when I get to the computer. The first one was the important one...

Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android

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Thanks for your help Jim!  It turns out that it was a stupid mistake on my part.  I needed to add the Universe number to the Controller Webpage.Img1.PNG

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