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Control Panel Errors


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Now that I have been able to capture the errors (see attached) I need some help deciphering what is happening. 

I'm seeing lighting pauses (music never misses) during show playback that seem to stop the lights then suddenly as in fast forward run to catch up. I've never had this issue before now and I've tested individual display elements like this since day one.

I currently have a Boscoyo ChromaHat and 2 ChromaTrees attached to a SanDevice 6804 controller. That is all that is currently connected and running. Network is defined with Mutlicast DMX universes 1 thru 13, 18 and 20 and 1 LOR HS dongle (which is connected to the computer). I have never seen the messages that are appearing in the Control Panel CMD window before. I have seen connects and the occasional disconnect but not what I'm seeing now. 

The pauses in output correspond to the error messages.

I am confused about the Unexpected Lighting Subcommands the invalid DMX address and other errors. 

I was hoping to get some help here before creating a Help Ticket with LOR.

Please take a look at the attached text file. If DL'ing the file is an issue I can cut and paste the log here .. its not that long as I didnt capture the shows error run. 

Thanks for the help ....



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I can't see your attachment while looking with Tapatalk on my phone, but I'm wondering how you are handling 15 universes on a single E6804 in multicast?

Or am I missing something here?

Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android

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Hey Jim, 

Glad to see you !!! 

I'm not running 15 universes on one E6804. Actually just running 4 (Univ 10,11,12,13) BUT .. its the only device I have connected at the moment for testing the new props .

The laptop should be spitting out 15 universes worth of data but there is only one controller listening on above mentioned universes.. 

I thought E1.31 was only mono-directional. If so, then it shouldn't matter whats going out.

I also checked my performance on the laptop. Less than 2GB on the memory, Less than 30% on the little CPU and less than 3% on the network traffic (100MB hardwire) 

One other thing I found odd was when the show on demand was loading, Several of the sequences "dechached" during the process .. another feature I've never seen.




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OK, on a real computer I was able to red your error file.  I thing that one is going to be too deep into the internals for us mortals.  Open a case on that one and either Bob or Mike will need to look at it.

Got it on the E6804 only being four of those 15 universes.  And yes, E1.31 is outbound only - trust me, I've looked at enough E1.31 on WireShark to know that one!


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Thanks Jim.

I'll open a case with LOR. 

I'm striking out on the forums :-( ... 

So really weird stuff happening this year .. 



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Not sure if this will help, but here is my Comm Listener during a test of my show..

I too am using 6804's but during this test only two of the five were physically connected. Even so all of the universes programmed in the SE were listed as connecting.

I only see universe 4 and 20 listed in your log.

One other thought, I am using and prefer Unicast but I have no idea if it will help.

Hope this might spark an idea or two.

Com LIs.txt

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There is an open spot in the file. That blob of what looks like unformatted text at the top has the rest of the opens. 

I have started and restarted the process several times since I began seeing all this .. 

Last night, I fired it up and was play around and accidentally closed the CMD window while it was running. It immediately restarted and since 9:00PM last night .. not a SINGLE ERROR has occurred.

I do have a help ticket in with LOR. I'll get their eyes on it and see what the guru's have to say.

I appreciate your file and thank you for taking a look .. 



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