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The answer to your second part is easy - yes. I sequence everything in SuperStar. The only limitation is the total number of channels, but your 184 channels is less than even the lowest level SuperStar license.

For the first part of your question, the answer is a qualified yes. There are some limits to how Instant Sequence handles non-RGB lights that I can't answer since I mostly don't use I.S.

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7 hours ago, jimmy sartain said:

can you use superstar sequencer to instant sequence all of your controllers ? i have three CMB24D and seven CTB16PC controllers will SS  instance sequence  AND export all of them

thanks for the quick responce.,i will seek the how to"s now that i know it can be done

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You can use the "Quick Visualization" feature to sequence your lights. Click on the Tools menu and select "Quick Vis" and select how many controllers you have and the unit IDs and you are set. You will then see a series of dots and each dot represents a channel. It is quick but you won't know how it will look until you play it to your real lights.

If you have the time, the better approach is to make a visualization of the sequence and then click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization"

There is a video tutorial on making a visualization for superstar. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" and then click on "Tutorial / PDFs", the superstar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for one on creating a visualization, and there is another one on importing it and sequencing it.


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