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Save connection log from CMD window


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I don't see the CMD window open on my Windows 7 machine, but on my Win-XP show machine there is a cmd box that opens that shows the connetion status etc when the Control Panel is open. 

Is there a way to log/capture that output? 

I am seeing some errors that cause the output to the display to freeze for a sec or two, then when it releases the sequences suddenly catches up and plays on. 

There are some errors that I haven't seen before that I want to ask about. However, when I halted the show it started displaying messages about not being able to connect to the devices and I lost the errors I wanted to ask about. 

I could write them down and report them that way, but i was hoping there was some way to redirect the output to a file/log. 


thanks for the help .. 




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Sometimes I forget to think ... sorry ... 

You can right click in the CMD box


Then paste it in to Notepad, WordPad etc then present it. 

I will create a new thread to ask about the errors I am seeing

Thanks for looking .. I hope this helps someone else at some point . 





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