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Halloween 2016!!


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Hey all!

So I decided to go ahead and do a small, (One song) Light show for Halloween this year. I only went with one song because I ran out of time, and the Halloween light show was a last minute decision. Next year there will be many more songs! Anyway, I went with "Thriller" because I know it is one of the most popular songs to do, and everyone loves it. Last night was the first night the show as live, and we have been getting some really good feedback so far. Check out the video below, and let me know what you think!!


(Also, I apologize for the not so great video quality) I was fighting with settings on the camera, and nothing would work, so we ended up using a phone to record it. I'm going to try again tonight with a better camera, for a better video!! Anyway, enjoy!


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23 hours ago, kevinob said:

very cool! well done!

Thank you!


22 hours ago, dgtlpro said:

Awesome job. How many strips are you using?

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Thank you!! We are using roughly 22 strips!


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Matt,  Job well done !!   Can't wait to see whatcha do for Christmas !!   Can you give us a sneek peek?

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