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5v or 12v Switch for Sandevices E6804


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Already starting to think about next seasons display.  Will be adding a 2nd Sandevices e6804.  Plan on putting an ethernet switch in  first e6804 enclosure. From researching threads, appear most switches are 5v.   Since the e6804 donesn't have a 5v power outlet like the e682 to power the switch, on to plan B.

Did some quick web searching and didn't find many 12v switch options.   So instead of adding a dedicated 5v power supply in the enclousre, could I get a 12v to 5v stepdown conversion to feed a 5v switch from the 12v enclousre power supply.

Looks like some 5v swtich brands being use here are Trendnet and Linksys. So unless there are some 12v switch option, any reason to look any further than these 2 brands?

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I'm really surprised that you had trouble finding a switch that runs on 12 volts. The vast majority in fact use nine or 12 volts, and five volt switches are the minority. There is a discussion thread on one of the other forums about trying to find a five volt switch for this exact purpose. Jim from SanDevices makes a recommendation for a specific Trendnet switch in that thread.

Although you got an answer to finding 12 volt switches, I wanted to give you an answer to one of your questions. Yes, you could use a five volt switch from a 12 volt power supply with a regulator. I recently bought some adjustable regulators that will handle up to an amp or so from eBay for all of $1.25 each. I can't buy the components to build one for the amount! I have one powering an InputPup now, and another powering a temperature monitor that requires six volts.

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