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Thanks! and a couple song requests - Light em Up- Better when I'm dancing?


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Thanks to everyone that has been so generous sharing sequences. It's allowed me to focus on building my first display and figuring out how to get my 2 new LOR 16Ch units working along with speaker amps and such just in time for Halloween. A quick video of what I've been able to setup due to everyone's generosity here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq9CBFNAoos


I am curious if anyone might have the following songs setup for singing voices and be willing to share...

- Light 'em up, Fall out Boy

- Better When I'm dancing, Meghan Trainor

- anything old school rap? (I've got a son who hear "parent's just don't understand" and loves it... so anything rap style would probably get him smiling)

-edit add: Born in the USA, Bruuuuuuuuce

- I'll shamelessly accept any sequences for other popular songs also ;) . It's fun to see the kids faces when they hear a song they recognize. I've been able to accumulate most of the Halloween classics (Monster Mash, Thriller, Purple People Eaters, I want Candy...) so am now looking to mix some normal radio play songs in....


Special Thanks in my newbie journey so far to @Bill P , @zeryis , @RJMorris82 , @Old Sarge


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