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Questions about the LOR Pixel Editor? This is the place to ask.

Just a few notes about using the Light-O-Rama Forums:

1.  Any sales questions or order status inquiries for products should be directed to the LOR help desk. You can also call 518-539-9000 during normal business hours.

2.  This forum is monitored by Light-O-Rama personnel.

3.  You always have the option of contacting LOR support. A support ticket can be filled out at http://lightorama.com/support.

4.  Don't forget the http://www.lightorama.com website.  It's a wealth of knowledge.

5.  Take a hint from the experts:  crawl, walk, run.  Don't wait until the last minute to start work on your Light-O-Rama project. 

6. The Light-O-Rama forums are a place for everyone, newcomers and old-timers alike, to come together and help each other out with Light-O-Rama related issues. Please remember that what may be obvious to you may not be obvious to someone else. If you have an issue with a member, we ask that you address that issue via Private Message (PM) and not engage in name calling, etc., on the public forums. These types of messages do not help anyone.


[Admin Note: Posting/Reposting this under the correct account. Some database work months ago caused these to end up under the wrong name.]

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[Originally posted by Matt Brown. Reposted due to database work months ago.]

Looking for help using the Pixel Editor?

There are slides here:


and a video which covers much of the same material here:


Also, the Pixel Editor is installed with a help file, just like the rest of the programs that make up the Light-O-Rama Software Suite. So select Help > Contents from the Pixel Editor menu and dig in.
And if you are still stuck, post here. We are here to help!
Matt Brown
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