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Setting up E682 with 5 universes


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I am setting up my E682 with  5 arches of 125 pixels each.

I set up LOR to be Universes 4-8. I just want each arch to be on its own Universe, with Channel 1 starting on each Universe.

On the E682 board, I am using slots 1-1 through 1-4, and 2-1.

Having a bit of difficultly understanding how to set that up in the E682 Screen. I read the manual, and it says use a UNIVERSE command, but the 4.051 firmware does not seem to allow you to type in more than two characters.

It is probably something simple that I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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thank you so much for the quick response, that looks like it did it!

I really appreciate your help,


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