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1. LORI Sequences are out of Sync with LOR II

The following addresses the only known problem of synchronization and upgrading to LOR II. It is most likely the problem that you are experiencing. The good news is that if you are experiencing this particular problem, the fix is quick with 2.0.14 (or above)

The Problem: All versions of Light-O-Rama (LOR) use Windows Media Player (WMP) to determine the timing for a musical sequence. LOR II uses a different section of WMP to get the timing information than was used in some earlier versions. Unfortunately, with some MP3 files the two different versions of WMP return different timings. This only affects some versions MP3 files.

It turns out that the old version of WMP would sometimes change when the MP3 file started. Usually it would put a short delay at the start of the MP3 file that was not actually part of the song.

The fix: As stated above, most likely your sequence has a period of delay at the beginning as a result of the false delay that WMP previously reported. Hopefully you still have the original sequences! They are actually still in sync BUT they have a constant shift throughout.

Open the original LOR I sequence in the LOR II Sequence Editor then click the play button. Most likely the song starts sooner than the sequence expects so all of your timing happens too late. This offset can be any amount of time BUT it is usually somewhere between 0.2 and 1.0 seconds ( 0.3 seems to be fairly common ).

Assuming that the music starts sooner than expected, you need to shift the entire sequence to the left to match up with the music. You need version 2.0.14 to perform the shift.

  • Open the LOR I sequence file in the LOR II Sequence Editor
  • Click Edit-> Skew Track...
  • Select "Skew Left" and start with 0.3 seconds. (not 0.03).
  • See how it goes. Repeat the Skew (left or right) until the song is in sync.

Also: You mentioned in your post that you were having a number of problems. Please let us know the other problems are that you are having so we can help out.

If the "skew" does not solve your problem let us know and send a copy of the LOR I sequence (LMS) and audio file (MP3) to support@lightorama.com

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