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Wanted Clear Minis - Will Trade LED's


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My plans have changed and I am in need of 120 sets of clear minis. Would prefer the Walmart 24 foot sets.

I have the LED's pictured below that I am willing to trade. I would also be interested to purchase the minis outright. Please PM if you have 120 sets available.


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I'm sure everyone thinks I've lost my mind, so let me explain why I need clear minis.

My largest project for this season is a one half scale version of Steve Bang's Electric Splash. I have made leaping light arches using 3/4" pvc and used one set of clear 100ct mini's per section (7 per 10' arch). So...that's what I had planned on for the upright versions. Small mistake, I am using 2" pvc for these and it's going to take two sets per section, or 14 sets per upright rather than 7.

I have 250 sets on hand, but I need an additional 120 sets to complete the project. The LED's were bought with a general plan to switch to LED sometime in the future..so the minis are a more immediate need. My mistake can be your gain if you have the minis I need on hand.

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I want to be fair about this. This is the best way I know to do this.

I will keep the bidding open till 10pm EST Saturday, March 1st. Whoever offers the most new clear mini green wire 100ct (prefer Walmart or Lowes) shipped to 47274 is the winner. I will pay shipping of the LED's to you (Continental US Only). 125 sets of minis minimum on the bidding.

Bids are via PM to me and we can do this silent auction style, I will post the current high bid without bidders name at all times. I am running this on PC, CLC, Constantly Christmas and LOR forums as well and I will post the current high bid from all sources here and keep it updated.

The picture is in the first post. Here's the inventory list. All are brand new in boxes purchased after Christmas 2007.

Qty Bulb Count Color Brand Size
4 70ct Green Enchanted Forest sphere
2 70ct Green Enchanted Forest C6
1 70ct Green Enchanted Forest mini
8 50ct Green Home Accents C3
1 70ct Red Enchanted Forest C6
6 100ct Red Big Lots Brand mini (button style)
3 50ct Red Home Accents C3
9 25ct Red Neo-Neon C7
3 140ct Red Sunbeam C6
4 25ct Blue Neo-Neon C7
5 60ct White Big Lots C6
10 35ct White WalMart C6
6 25ct White Big Lots C9
2 50ct White Home Accents C3
6 100ct Multi Big Lots mini (button style)

Happy Bidding!

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Several folks have messaged me that they are checking their light inventory and may be interested in trading for the LED's. Please let me know by tomorrow evening at 10pm, so I can get your bid in.

I will be awarding these 70 boxes of brand new LED's to whomever will send me the most strings of brand new clear minis. In order to be fair, I have to honor the 10pm tomorrow deadline, so if you're interested, please send me a PM with your bid before then.


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