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Instructions on how to create lighted arches

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Are you looking for the "traditional" arch which has a bunch of mini-light strings wrapped around a piece of pipe (usually PVC) in sections, or an internally lit pipe with generally RGB pixels?  I have never built a "trraditional" arch, so I'm only going by what I have seen or read here.  The most common method is to create the sections as sleeves that fit over a smaller pipe.  For example use a 1/2 inch pipe with sleeves of 1 inch pipe.  Wrap the lights around each sleeve, then slide the sleeves over the smaller pipe.  the big advantage to doing it this way is that if you need to repair a section, it is far easier.  You can even wrap up a spare section for fast replacement should you need it.  Now, the number of sections, the number of bulbs on each section, and the kinds of bulbs can create large discussion.  I will leave that to the people that use that method.

I have built arches with a translucent pipe (PEX is the preferred) and in my case drill a hole in the back side of the pipe and mount a Cosmic Color Pixel shining into the pipe.  Some people also put a smart pixel strip inside the pipe instead of the way I did it.  Since I have a web page that gives details of how I did it, I will refer you there rather than type a novel here.  http://newburghlights.org/CCP_Arches.html  Here is one photo that shows part of three arches lit up.



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1 hour ago, m8ac9q said:


Thanks that is what I was looking for.  I was not planning on using the pixels, but today reading through several of the forums I am leaning towards them.



Pixel arches are a lot less expensive to create. Plus you're not tied down to just a few colors, There are millions, technically, you can use with RGB. In reality you'll only use about 10 or 12 colors.

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Basically how I made my archs was to cut 3/4 PVC into approx 12 inch long pieces, Wrap them with my multi-color lights 100 count which I folded in 1/2 to make the wrapping faster and easier. secured the light strings with zip ties on each end. I then used sch 40 1/2 inch PVC. I slide * sections onto the 1/2 inch, use re bar in the ground and slide the ends of my PVC over it to make the arch. Be sure and use some kind of protector over the ends of your re bar when hammering it into the ground before you put your arch on and also after you take it off to help prevent injury if you or someone trips and falls on it. They are also available right where most re bar is sold at Lowes, Home-Depot etc. 

I can use them as archs or set upright as fire poles etc. I am using them this year run horizontally to sim lightening flashes in my Halloween set up.


I almost forgot.. My display is all mini lights no ccr, rgb etc.

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