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Just purchased my first LOR equipment!

Mark h2o

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Thank you Dan and everyone at Light-O-Rama for the wonderful sale!

Some how planning on getting 16 channels turned into buying 48 :)

From what I've read around here that's pretty mild result!

My wife and I are really excited about doing something special with our Christmas light display this year.

I hope to learn lots, spare looking like a complete idiot when I turn the lights on for the first time this Christmas with any neighbors and friends standing around.

One big thing that I have learned is the search button, lots of info here from lots of smart people!

Thanks for a great web site


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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Jeff, I don't have kids yet but when I do, I'm sure they won't mind getting Light-O-Rama stuff for their gifts:)

I've been looking at Light-O-Rama ever since I first saw the videos on their web site and then youtube about two years ago. I couldn't stop watching and researching once I got started.

Well, last winter as Christmas time started to roll around my wife started to feel bad for me or maybe it was annoyed as I drooled all over the key board of our computer while I obsessively watched more videos with Light-O-Rama. By that time it was too late to do anything with our current Christmas light display.

Until, while shopping at Lowes my ever so patient, thoughtful and most of the time understanding wife brought me over to the early Christmas display and presented me with G E's Lights and Sounds of Christmas! If you saw me you would have thought I won the lottery! I had never heard of this product before because I never bothered to search for anything other than Light-O-Rama.

We ultimately ended up with the deluxe version from Costco and I was on my way!

Well needless to say most people didn't realize they needed to roll down their windows to hear the music not to mention who would want to in 20 degree snowy weather. While my neighbors across the street said they could hear the music no problem, through the house! It wasn't even turned up past half and we live in a cul-de-sac!

I ended up buying an FM transmitter, soldering wire to the audio output in the box to carry the sound through a level control to the transmitter and made a sign so people could tune their radio to the music in their cars and made the neighbors happy! (no more sound in the house)

While it was a nice display and I learned a lot still, not Light-O-Rama. Even so, not sure if anyone else does this but when the display would come on I would stand at the window with the radio tuned in and just watch and enjoy the lights and dream about what else I could make it while my wife rolled her eyes and reminded me about a thing called finances. (Most of the time understanding but she eventually came around!)

So here I am:)

Thanks again for the warm welcome and treating and responding to questions as if they were your very own. This truly is a great forum to be a part of.


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Mark h2o wrote:

Jeff, I don't have kids yet but when I do, I'm sure they won't mind getting Light-O-Rama stuff for their gifts:)

Ok this is the sign that you need to be committed to the Light-O-Rama rehab center. :P

This is my second year, I started with 32 channels and now have 48 more coming. Now I just can't decide between "Mega Tree" or "Leaping Arches"!

Welcome to the family!
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