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10W Flood Mounting Solution


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I’ve been looking for an inexpensive but reliable solution to mounting my LOR 10W floods.  After seeing DisneyMatt10's post, I began my search for a solution. I had been looking for a metal stake to somehow attach to the flood, and I finally found the perfect one at Lowe’s this morning.  It is painted steel, 12” long, and has a hole approximately the same size as the flood’s center mounting hole. 

In light of that, I got a stainless steel bolt/nut and attached them right together.  After a bit of tightening, they are securely fastened together.  The other plus is that I can take a hammer to the top and not have to whack the flood; the stake is driven straight in the ground.

The only issue is that, because of the size of the yoke (handle) and power block on the flood, the stake combo will not flip completely around the unit.  You need to figure out which side you want the stake on (I opted for the power on the side closest to the house) and bolt it in.

The total cost was $2.84 per flood with the hardware and stake, which I think is relatively inexpensive. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and here are some photos.





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Looks good as a DIY solution. I purchased my floods from HC and they came with some really heavy duty metal ground stakes that are about 10.5 iniches long. 

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2 minutes ago, kingfish said:

what dept did you find the stake and what is it really for

It was in the landscape department near the pavers.  It's technically called an "edging stake", and I believe it's used to hold the edging in place when laying pavers.

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Wish I seen this before I set my floods up, I used furing strips and hammered them in the ground and then screwer the bracket to the wood. I have to remove the flood from the bracket to get to the screws so that was a pia. I will have to look for these stakes for next year.

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