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Looking for a few halloween


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I am looking for a few Halloween songs with singing faces.  I would love to trade for any of the ones that I have.

I currently Have:

Rob Zombie- Dragula

Rihanna- Friends with the monster

Michael Jackson- Thriller

Dont Feer the Reaper

Song from Hotel Transylvania- Your My Zing

Orrigional Ghostbusters

Alice Cooper- Feed My Frankenstein

All of these have 3 singing pumpkins with 7 channels each and are done for 64 total channels with pumpkins included.


I am looking for any of the following with singing pumpkins:

Flo Rida- Welcome to my house

Uptown funk

Fall out Boy- My songs know what you did

Iprevail- Blank space

Fall out Boy-  Ghostbusters

If you can help me out with any of these, or maybe you have something that I do not have I would be interested in seeing what you have.  Thank you for your help


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