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Last pixel not working right??

Wayne K

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I am trying to get into the pixels and I have a pixcon 16 board. I am using holiday coro 50 string pixels. I have port 1 hooked up to a 50 led strand and I have port 2 hooked up to a 50 led strand. When I go to the pixel console and run the sliders up and down the coresponding pixels lights up. But when I do all of the pixels on the last pixel in the string does not follow the color of the rest. It comes on as a green color. and stays that color until I do a turn all off. So that is when I hooked up a second pixel set to port 2 and it does the same thing. Now if I go to the last pixel adjustment slider and them move them all down or all up the last pixel responds ok. and the same on port 2.

When I do the pixel test from the controller( pushing the button for 3 seconds ) all of the pixels work fine. I have not done a sequence yet to see if they work ok that way. Is this a bug in the pixel console? Because it seems like the hardware is working.


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