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Sun King-You Never Give Me Your Money-Golden Slumbers Medley


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Just a little something I put together. Using Audacity I spliced the instrumental intros to these three songs from Abbey Road by the Beatles. Everybody who has seen the sequence on my visualizer likes it a lot.

Total of 2 min 40sec in length

I made one sequence with the RGB effects done in Super Star and a second sequence with the RGB effects generated in XLights. Both are included.

Sequences RGB portion consists of 6 dmx universes plus a 16x50 strand pixel tree.

Also included in the sequences are 96 AC channels (mostly sequenced manually thanks to JStorms tutorials) that includes a 32 ch mega tree, 16 minitrees, 8 red columns, 4ch garage door and 6 colorful home made "mushroom props.

I have also included my .lee file so you can see how it will play in my yard. (This will help give you an idea of what and how you may want to cut and paste)

If you would like a copy please supply email address. Not traditional Christmas music but really great music

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If you are still sharing this one in Superstar/LMS I would love a copy.   Thanks.



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